Italians original latins

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The name contains the Latin diminutive -ulusso it means simply "Roman" or "little Roman". The table above shows the tiny size of Latium Vetus - only about two-thirds the size of the English county of Kent. I'm Colombian and I'll tell you some truths. On this view, Romulus was a name fabricated to provide Rome with an eponymous founding hero, a common feature of classical foundation-myths; it is possible that Romulus was named after Rome instead of vice versa. According to the mainstream Kurgan hypothesis, the earliest Indo-Europeans were a nomadic steppe people, originating in the Eurasian steppes southern Russia, northern Caucasus and central Asia. As the Roman Empire spread to include areas that are now SpainPortugalFranceand Romaniathese joined Italy in becoming "Latin", as the languages spoken in these countries derive primarily from the Latin Language. So then the word "latino" is just the Spanish version of "latin".

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Italic peoples

The so-called Latin War ended in with a decisive Roman victory, following which Rome annexed most of Latium Vetus. Guess what I'm Thinking. The new Romano-Latin military alliance proved strong enough to repel the incursions of the Italic mountain tribes in the period — BC. In reality, we could also have shortened "latino-Europeo" to "latino", but since the world is US-centred, the US definition took over in many areas, thanks to the movies, music and publicity around the "latino" label, that the US have spread in the world "Jenifer Lopez called Bomba latina, etc. And like I stated above. And now is hard to make the corrections.

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italians original latins
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italians original latins
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