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I was surprised to learn that normal fairy tales are actually a bit more messed up than a lot of mythology. I hate the neutered fairytales kids get today. I've been researching folktales for a personal project, a speech for Toastmasters, and started watching various adaptation of this folktale on Youtube. In the summer months work was very scarce and he could barely feed the four of them. Not knowing that the Prince's bride was indeed her stepdaughter, she arrives at the wedding, and her heart fills with the deepest of dread when she realizes the truth. Gretel could feel her brother's hot cum filling her womb to the brim, the tightness of her pussy not willing spilling a drop. Now completely nude she faced him and lay on her back on the soft blanket of pine needles.

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Just before he came, he pushed one of Gretel's buttons.

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Hansel and Gretel is a truly fucked up folktale

Hansel collapsed next to Gretel and she curled into him and they fell asleep. Gretel peered out from behind Hansel and apologized in her soft voice. Old school erotic cartoons k Yeah fairy tales are fun to read, especially if you only know the Disney-field version of them. I unsuccessfully tried to find a more PG version.

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fucked hansel and grettel
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fucked hansel and grettel
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