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The discharge is generally thin, ichorous, ofa greenish tinge, and contains flakes of lymph, clotted blood, andperhaps, portions of carious or necrosed bone. Male and Female Comparative Genital Anatomy It might surprise you how remarkably similar the female and male external genitals are. Franklin, Edward Carroll, Subjects: The pelvic floor muscles anatomically support the erect penis and clitoris, cause a surge of blood flow to the genitals, and have a profound involvement in ejaculation and orgasm. The profound vaginal changes that occur during sexual arousal and stimulation are entirely analogous to the changes that occur during male arousal: It has recently been updated to include laparoscopic evaluation of the abdomen, use of mesh in hernias, sentinel lymph node, dissection of the breast and melanoma, tumor imaging, total mesorectal excision and endoscopic PEG.

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