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Occultations of stars by our Moon or by asteroids are very fast events and can only be observed at very specific locations on Earth. The International Space Station, which is the largest of them, may even show glimpses of details such as solar panels during its closest approaches. Saturn shines at magnitude 0. The following sketches simulate the level of details you can expect to see in some of the brightest deep sky objects, through telescopes with different apertures, under truly dark skies and by "dark" I mean a place where you can see the Milky Way bright and detailed:. Comets are small icy objects from outer solar system, which from time to time approach close enough to the Sun and become visible. Novae and supernovae are violent explosions of distant stars, which occur from time to time, and can also be visible with an amateur telescope. On a night when the seeing was so steady I could use x on my

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Regan noted that Pan a moon in the A ring is too faint to be detectable; Janus, the potato-shaped moon in the gap between the F and G rings, must be just out of frame, he added.

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Spectacular Saturn Images by 'Amateurs' Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The only colorful ones are brightest stars in some open clusters and several planetary nebulae. What makes them interesting is their movement relative to background stars, which can be noticed over a period of hours:. Binoculars of x will show Saturn as a tiny, slightly non-circular disk, and they show Titan as a tiny point. However, with time, patience, and a top-quality 4-inch or larger telescope, you can tease out more of the planet's secrets than many observers suspect. Many have seen it without knowing it. For example a mm Newtonian reflector, mm refractor or a mm Maksutov Cassegrain of a moderate quality.

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amateur view saturn
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amateur view saturn
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