Adults with fragile x

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This amount of missing data made it impossible to include education in some analyses. Thus, there appears to be a strong need for services to facilitate participation in social leisure activities. Adult Characteristics by Dimension of Adult Life: Services may be needed to find ways to modify leisure activities to fit the abilities of aging women with fragile X syndrome and facilitate engagement in these activities. These items were based on activities commonly included in measures of leisure activity e. We never use your cookies for creepy ad retargeting that follows you around the web. Number of co-occurring mental health conditions was assessed by asking families to indicate whether their son or daughter with fragile X syndrome had been diagnosed or treated for the following six conditions:

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Figure 1 presents the percentage of men and women with fragile X syndrome in various types of jobs.

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Exploring the Adult Life of Men and Women With Fragile X Syndrome: Results From a National Survey

The least common leisure activity for both men and women was painting, drawing, or doing artwork. The present study indicates that adulthood is marked by an alarmingly high prevalence of co-occurring mental health problems for both men and women with fragile X syndrome. Our sample of adults with fragile X syndrome came from a large national survey study of families with fragile X syndrome, and the families in this study were predominately Caucasian, highly educated, and had relatively high household incomes. Figure 2 presents the percentage of men and women who participated in various types of leisure activities. American Journal of Medical Genetics.

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adults with fragile x
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adults with fragile x
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