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Btw, I've had a girl do this while we were doing sexy things turned out to be my baby mama and I agree with the many people that this is not a big deal. They later married and posted about it in a TIFUpdate here. Want to add to the discussion? One for a Roman shower please. Chocolate Ebony cutie Gagging deepthroat with a surprise at the end!!!!! My girlfriend threw up after a night of drinking a long long time ago while we're were having sex

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This dude would of been shitty dad material OP I hope one day his kid pukes in his mouth.

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She stood up to take care of him and clean it up. And thank ya, here's the poor old girl, she'd be perfect if her timing chain guides weren't broke: He all of a sudden wanted to stop and cuddle to have a conversation about how he can see us dating and what we both are ready for at this point in our lives. So yes I'd kill for a Roman shower. All NSFW posts must be tagged. As I go into the kitchen to get him a glass of water he proceeds to lock himself in my bathroom. TL;DR I got wasted and gave a dude a blowjob and instead introduced him to my lunch via throw up all over his happy bits.

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  1. This bitch is so lazy in her videos. All that ass and does nothing with it smh,