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Mostly girls are a civilising influence, as well as less foul-mouthed. Never will I be able to just conveniently forget what happened to me all those years ago. Everyone, including my classmates, my teachers, and now my parentswould know how much of a slut I was. Rumors were flying around school. I smoked and drank the rest of the night, trying to forget it and act as normal as possible.

But we had to let the guests in to use the downstairs toilet — and that was our undoing.

The Night It Happened

I think for a small period of time, I convinced myself that nothing actually did happen. Go to mobile site. He slammed the door and walked away. Think lab rat on Ritalin. He finished and came to, finally noticed that I was crying, and immediately ran downstairs. The fact that he took advantage of me and then told everyone about it. Hey, the summer will be over soon!

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