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But the Native American traditions of shaving their heads and beards seems to go way back before Columbus. I've heard some people say that some Native American groups just don't grow facial hair. That seems sort of hard to believe, and I know at least some of them can I've seen pictures of Native Americans with moustaches, beards etc. A Native American Man. Nowadays many Native American Indians have beards and mustaches.

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In the old days, Native Americans used to pluck out even the sparse hair they had on their faces.

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He notes that since the spaniards took over they stopped doing this and therefore the ones who hadn't done it started to grow facial hair. Mark 3, 13 Take it up with my representative: Also flint scrapers also called microliths! As far as I'm concerned there is no black guy in family so where did my?

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native american facial shaving
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native american facial shaving
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