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If the man does not know the woman, or the woman is one who does not observe proper hijab or does not observe hijab at all and if she was told to wear it, she would not listen; or if she has observed her proper Islamic hijab in the photograph, then it is not a problem to look at her photo. It is not a problem to look at those parts of the body that are not normally covered by non-Mahram women who are not Muslims whether they be from the Ahl al-Kitab, or Kuffarwith the condition that it is not done with the intention of lust. In other than this scenario, it is not a problem to look at that photograph as long as it is not with the intention of deriving pleasure or enjoyment. The age at which a child, who has not yet become baligh understands good and bad. In particular, these observings generally require that the cloth not be too thin, that it is not pellucent to the extent the color of the skin can be seen, that a man observes extra covering or tucking if shape is discernible, and that the modesty of adulthood applies once a boy becomes denarian.

This rule applies to looking at a woman, man, animal, inanimate object, photo, film, statue, or any other thing.

Rules related To looking At others

M 28 — Rule: It is haram for a man to go to a place in the event that he knows that non-Mahram woman are not in hijab, or do not observe proper hijab, such that he goes there with the intention of looking at them. According to Ihtiyat Wajib, one must also refrain from looking at the face and hands of a non-Mahram woman. AGKLT It is not a problem to look at the body of an old woman as long as it is not with the intention of lust. In Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the word za'if is still used in the Tajik dialect of Persian and its subdialects. Part of a series on Islamic jurisprudence fiqh Ritual.

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