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It begins in the real world of cops and drug dealers, but ends with a duel between black magic and buddhist prayer. What Seagal really needs to drown out his own lack of showmanship is a superbly camp villain, and Wallace's Screwface makes a superbly camp villain. Of course I had the benefit of watching the whole movie while Seagal was too busy picking up a love interest in a strip club, riding around in tiny little dingy to have a pointless meeting with the terrorist leader and hang out at a Buddhist temple to get a pre-showdown pep talk from the head monk to have time to puzzle any of this out. That's an uphill battle we've all considered before so you gotta commend the dude. The film displays several gunshots, struggles, bloody killing and lots of violence when the fights and killing happen. But by God it was funny. Suzi, that pain in the neck who was here criticizing Steven and the film, said his voice is dubbed, did you or any of those lucky enough to have seen the film see any evedence of his voice being dubbed - still can't imagine why they would want to do so.

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That suggests some fuckin self awareness.

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Vern reviews Steven Seagal's BELLY OF THE BEAST!

But this is not all; after doing same damn thing a few more times, he then grabs a sword, charges the arrow, and slices it out of the air. The fight sequences are speeded up to make Segal look like he can still handle it - it starts to resemble a Charle Chaplin movie!!! But this one has some good laughs and hits some of the classic Seagal motifs. You could make fun of Sammo's weight, but it would take two trips to get your parts to the emergency room. And yes, Belly of the Beast - the third Seagal movie this year alone to go straight to video - is every bit as bad as his other movies.

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belly of the beast seagal transvestite
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belly of the beast seagal transvestite
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