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And yet, I ask, is not this alien force already among us? Reagans concept of equality, however, was based upon the imminent threat of extraterrestrial invasion rather than anything as abstract as human rights. The meeting was to be held in the buildings of the Royal Society of Victoria, a dignified Gold Rush-era edifice that had been, I discovered, the colonial branch of the Royal Society of London, that club of scientific minds that had given the world such nerd-heroes as Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton and Joseph Banks. It hardly mattered that the existence of the nexus could not be proven scientifically — for van Tassel and his family, building the Integratron was an act of faith that made the invisible truth of the contactee universe tangible. My second bent it. Flying saucers could come and go from this portal whenever they liked, but ordinary people could only see it on very special days.

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If I moved, the dog might attack.

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Innocent Bystanders

I was finally in Roswell, the craven Mecca of ufology, and I was feeling somewhat deflated by its cattle-town normality. My first act as the new Australian Ambassador to the Chilean Interior: We climbed into the mountains, innumerable rows of damp green domes and great hunchbacked ridges. What he found, however, confounded him. Once again, high strangeness was my destination. The road climbed swiftly. After a few lonely trips to the local convenience store, I realised that even the tumbleweeds blew around the town rather than pass through it.

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