Disc priest spell penetration arena

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Landing double fears as much as we can,and maybe mana burn. Medallion of the Horde Trinket 2: Warriors are always so annoying staying on my rogue and just extending the game but they still lose LOL doesn't matter how good they are nerf rogues,jk. What we do is open on the priest hardly,most of the ferals go on priest,some of them go on the rogue. Don't let the priest cast vampiric touch. Interface Again, there are many different ways to set this up. Paladins actually need no spell penetration since the Holy school of magic has no resistance at all, in PvP or otherwise.

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Priest, Warlock and Rogue! R - Focus Shadow Word: You need crit from legs as well. F - Fear - Easy to hit, use often, need to use quick sometimes. Mage is also an option. Last edited by Bedrock on Mon Sep 17, 4:

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